Falc 360 D - Point de fusion digitale, 300°C

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Falc Instruments 360 D - Easy to use instrument, insert the sample in the glass capillary and immerse the same in the heating group.

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- Simple and easy to use, with an excellent range of measurement and a digital display with a resolution
   of 0,1°C.
- Designed to measure two samples at the same time.
- The internal LED light, the magnified lens and the inclination given by the hind legs, allow you to have
   a broader and clear view of samples.
- The two different speeds of ascent allow a faster and convenient measurement.

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eclass 32010000
leadtime 21
Code UNSPSC 41112233
Référence fabricant 621.0000.22
Marque Falc Instruments
Précision @20°C 1°C / @300°C 2,5°C
Garantie 2 ans
Poids 1,84 kg
Unité de vente Pièce
Référence A34277
Température RT -> 300°C
Dimensions Ext. 160x220x170mm (LxWxH)

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