Falc ATV 850 - Autoclave verticale avec fonction de séchage - 85 L

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Falc ATV 850 - Autoclave verticale avec fonction de séchage - 85 L.

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- Mechanical interlocking: the unique “eight-column evenly distributed” interlocking device is safer and
   more reliable than common interlocking devices.
- Electric double inner locks: enable the control system to monitor the temperature and pressure in the
   sterilization chamber on areal-time basis and disable opening of the sterilization chamber cover until
   the safe temperature and pressure are reached, hence guaranteeing the personal safety of the operator.
- Six preset procedures: Six sterilization procedures and warming procedures are preset for the sterilizing,
   warming and drying of solids and liquids, the melting and warming of agars.
- Agar processing: It can heat and melt down and preserve heat of agars or preheat the sterilization
- Timed startup: It is possible to preset a time program so that the autoclave can be automatically
   started for sterilization according to the preset schedule.
- Memory system: The operator can set the sterilization parameters and create as many as 60 precedures
   that can be readily used.
- Steam discharge control: Upon completion of sterilization procedure, the vent valve can automatically
   open to discharge steams at the preset temperature.
- Calibration interface: Temperature and pressure calibration interfaces are available for calibration
- Automatic water feeding: Exempt the convenience of frequent water feeding; water level sensors are
   installed to automatically stop the autoclave and giveout alarms when water is running out.
- Staurated Steam Monitoring: The system can automatically monitor the discharge conditions of cold air
   so as to guarantee a sterilizing environment of pure steams and optimal sterilization effects.

Plus d’information
Marque Falc Instruments
Code UNSPSC 42281530
leadtime 30
eclass 32010000
Référence fabricant 608.1002.08
Référence A34522
Chauffage(Watt) 4600W
Unité de vente Pièce
Garantie 2 ans
Poids 113 kg
Portée de température 105°C -> 138°C
Dimensions Ext. 660x644x980mm (LxWxH)
Volume 85 L
Doublure 230V
Pression 0,27 MPa (2,7 bar)
Dimensions Int. Ø400x700mm

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